Welcome to Your '3-Day to Entrepeneurship' Challenge!

Your Challenge for the 1st Day

* Once you're done with today's challenge, please report back to me on Instagram @dovilesinke or Facebook, and I'll personally share with you details for the Day 2.

Meet Dovile

Your business mentor, coach, mom, founder of multiple successful online businesses and location independent soul that loves girly brunches and island life! 

4 years ago I decided to make a switch from my corporate job in Zurich, Switzerland (working for Fortune 500 companies in banking and consulting) and create a life for myself where I could have FREEDOM to work from anywhere in the world, wake up without alarm clock, spend more time with family, surround myself with highly inspiring people and do something meaningful. 

After having founded a profitable intermittent fasting platform where we work with worlds biggest brands, successful SEO agency and membership platform for mompreneurs in Lithuania, I’m on a mission to show other ambitious women that IT IS POSSIBLE to create a successful business online and replace your corporate salary. Travel the world. Get more time with your family. Work less. Be independent. And make an impact.  

Say Hello To
Your Breaktrough!

You will leave the challenge feeling:

Fired up to follow your dream and take action

Radiant and excited about all the great things that are AVAILABLE for you

Mindset to not give up when things get difficult in the entrepreneurial journey

Clear about your long term goal and vision

Full of happiness, joy and BLISS to continue

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