The ultimate 6-month group coaching experience for women who are ready to start their online empires today.

Starts February 6, 2022

It’s time to step into your full potential.

It’s time to step into your full potential.

My signature RISE accelerator is here to show you all the possibilities that are available for you and help you create your own offer that sells through the roof.

Hey beautiful, I see you.

Tell me, do you constantly keep questioning yourself whether there is something bigger for you out there? Whether you, too, can create a business online that would allow you to have more flexibility in life? Have more freedom to travel. Grow a family. Be recognised for your own achievements.

I feel you. I see you. I was you.

But the days where we need to stick to one career path are over.

There are so many possibilities and we owe it to ourselves to live our lives in complete expression of what we truly desire.

You know in your heart that you are capable of bigger things. And you get to have it all.

Imagine a day where:

You know exactly how to package your expertise and feel certain about the signature offer you are creating. You have a marketable business concept in place and know the exact audience for it. 

You know exactly how to package your expertise and feel certain about the signature offer you are creating. You have a marketable business concept in place and know the exact audience for it. 

You have a clear strategy in place to get in front of your target clients and feel confident showing up online. You are building your own powerful, magnetic brand that stands out from the rest. People start recognising you as an expert in your field and your first dream clients are asking how they can work with you.

You feel supported with every step you take and finally have someone that truly believes in you. You are surrounded by people who encourages and inspire you, rather than trying to compete and pull you down.

You feel extremely confident about your abilities and your future. You have never felt stronger, more free and more fired up about your life. You are doing it and your confidence magnetises people straight to you.

You get to live this life.

If you’re ready for this, RISE accelerator is the right fit for you.

If you’re ready for this, RISE accelerator is the right fit for you.

Pillars you'll be working on:

In my signature RISE accelerator, I have included the precise kind of support that will help you to create your own offer. Things that have been game changing in my own journey:

Showing you different ways to make a PROFITABLE business online so that you can decide the right path for you.

You will get introduced to marketable service-based business concepts, real success stories with examples, learn how to niche out, understand your audience’s desires and get to design the business you feel passionate about.  

Working on your success mindset so that you overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

You will get more confident in showing up, charge your worth, become more magnetic and learn how to deal with objections.  

Strengthening your personal brand online so that you start attract the right high-paying clients.

You will get to define your unique branding, tone and identity, start using social media channels, craft powerful messages and learn the best marketing channels for you.

Showing you how to craft your signature offer so that you can confidently close your first clients.

How to price your offer, how to propose it to potential leads and how to close your sales calls – you will get to practise all of that. 

You get all of this for entire 6 months:

90 min Group Coaching Calls | 3x/month

These are the calls where the magic happens. 

You get step by step trainings on the things you need to create your own business: discovering and learning marketable business concepts, niching out your audience, creating powerful personal brand, defining your strategy, pricing, client attraction, uncovering what’s really been holding you back, building the confidence you need and so much more. 

During the second part of the call, you get a unique opportunity to practise, implement and brainstorm what you just learned with me, my experts and other members. This is where your business really starts to take shape and where you grow the confidence to know that you can do this. You’ll come out of every call energised and ready to take the next step.

Connect with Members Calls | 1x/month

People I surround myself with have played a crucial part in my success, and any successful entrepreneur would tell you the same. Building an online business can get very lonely and frustrating when you have nobody around you that understands the exact challenges you are going through.

In these calls you’ll get to connect on a deepert level with other equally ambitious women, practise your strategies, seek advice, support, ask questions and – the big one – celebrate your wins. Because there will be many!

24/7 Support in the Discord Channel

This is HUGE! Just imaging having a place to go every single time you get a question, or you’re not sure which way to go, how to phrase your offer, how to write your bio, how to respond to the DM’s you start getting..!

There’s no other other accelerator for ambitious ex-corporate women like you, with this level of support – and I really mean it.  Having it, your success isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s inevitable.

1:1 Attention

This is not just another course you buy, watch and forget. This is where you get to experience real transformation, not just information. 

You get to be seen by me and my support coaches. We make sure to discuss the offer you are creating, give you feedback, help to define clear actions steps and strategy to get there. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. The life you truly desire is just around the corner.

High Vibe Community

One of the most incredible parts about joining RISE accelerator? The opportunity to connect with like-minded ambitious women from all over the world and build priceless friendships and even business partners. 

After 6 month, you will end up making business buddies, family friends and might even end up visiting each other during your travels all over the world! Women in RISE accelerator have big goals, big ambitions and they definitely know their worth, just like You!

Hey, I’m Dovile

I’m a business coach and mentor for freedom seeking female entrepreneurs.

After leaving a successful corporate career in Switzerland at Fortune 500 companies like UBS and Accenture, I started building my own online empire. Today I have co-founded three successful online companies, including an affiliate marketing site working with biggest brands in the industry, an SEO agency and a membership platform for entrepreneurial moms in Lithuania.

Over the past years I’ve built a personal brand for myself from zero and supported hundreds of female entrepreneurs seeking to shift their lives and build online income sources. In my signature method I combine personal development, success mindset, innovative marketing and business strategies to help my clients achieve results.

I am a world traveler, currently escaping cold European winters in Bali with my husband and 1.5 year old daughter. I’m passionate about helping more women reach true financial, time and lifestyle freedom.

Meet your support coaches:

Rima Eneva success mindset coach mastermind

Rima Eneva

Emotional Intelligence and Transformation Coach

Working on your mindset is KEY when it comes to running a successful business. Rima is here to help you see that you are capable of way more than you can imagine, clearing your psychological blocks, limiting beliefs, unconscious mind and teaching you to finally trust yourself in business and life. 

Sol Spier mastermind marketing coach

Sol Spier

Personal branding and digital marketing expert

Sol Spier is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, and digital nomad who helps others build freedom-filled businesses. Through this accelerator, Sol will teach you how to create a unique brand identity and position yourself as an expert in your field, and she will teach you the practical steps needed to reach your ideal audience and sell your product or service in a way that feels aligned to you, your personality and your goals. 

Your Investment

6-month RISE membership

6-month RISE membership

Investment: 3500 eur

Payment options available

Self-study program

Self-study program

Immediate access to the full program so that you can go as fast as you desire and implement it all NOW!

Investment: 900 eur

Immediate access

Running a profitable online business that allows you more freedom is the ultimate dream.

Though, it doesn’t just happen by thinking about it.


When I started my first online business 4+ years ago, I was terrified to make a shift and quit my safe corporate job. I had no idea what I could even be doing online, where to start, how to get seen, how to get my first clients. I kept questioning myself if I’m really not too old for this, having studied and worked up my career all these years?

I would scroll through Google, listen to podcasts constantly trying to find answers HOW, but none of it worked. There were just too many missing pieces.

In RISE accelerator I show you the exact ways to make a fast track to your desired results. Business models that have worked for me and other people to replace their corporate salaries.

The life you deserve is just one decision away from happening for you.

And there will never be a better time to change your life and build an online business that generates the kind of income you need to become financial independent and support your family.

The difference between where you are now and where you really want to be comes down to the choices you make today. Will you take the first step towards making it a reality?


If you aren’t sure what kind of business you want to have and are looking to make your first money outside the 9 to 5, this is the right program for you. Though, keep in mind I focus on selling high-ticket services which is the best way to get started in my experience (less followers, less effort and more money? Yes please!) you simply need to be open to utilizing social media and building a personal brand. Besides that, me and my support coaches will show you everything you need to get started. That’s exactly what RISE is for. 

Our first mastermind call starts on the 6th of February – you will get to meet other ladies in the group, discuss your goals and get started on taking first actions toward your dream. 

The calls happen in US/Europe time zones – for the time being they are scheduled for Sundays lunch time (Europe time zone). If you miss a call or can’t make them live, you will have access to every call recording and will be able to submit questions through the community and support channels. You will get every question answered.

I’ve designed the RISE mastermind program to have everything you need (and more) to get started in your business from scratch. However, if you want more 1:1 coaching, there are options for that.

No, and I’ve never been asked for one.

I’ve made it my mission to show you that creating a profitable 6 figure business online is actually possible for you as well.

As a female, as a caring mother, as devoted partner, as a purpose-driven leader.

Get everything you need to start a profitable business online and start living the life you deserve.

RISE Accelerator, the ultimate 6-month experience for ambitious women who are ready to craft their first signature offer online is open for enrollment.

Your Investment

6-month RISE membership

6-month RISE membership

Investment: 3500 eur

Payment options available

Self-study program

Self-study program

Immediate access to the full program so that you can go as fast as you desire.

Investment: 900 eur

Immediate access